Protect your brain with L-serine

Researchers finally have keyed in on neurodegeneration in ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A neurotoxin called BMAA interferes in your ability to use Serine in your brain. Serine is necessary for healthy cell walls in your brain. L-Serine is a non essential free from amino acid that is available in cold water fish, dairy, tofu, eggs, seaweed and other foods. BMAA gets biomagnified in seafood like crab, shrimp, lobster if they are eating in the presence of algae blooms in the water. The cyanobacteria in these algae blooms carries the BMAA neurotoxin. Paul Cox, an ethno-biologist, pioneered this research.
So if you want to protect your brain against neuro degeneration like in Alzheimers, senile dementia, Parkinsons or ALS, do two main things. Give up shell fish and warm water fish and supplement Phosphatidyl Serine Matrix three times a day. This really is cutting edge research and it is a shame big pharma has spent countless billions looking at the tau proteins and such which are really just a manifestation of an underlying problem. All their fancy studies have come up empty. This link has a great overview on this area.

It is never to late to protect your brain or what’s left of it.


Non Wheat Diets and protecting your liver

Over the last few years, I’ve heard of about every new diet that has comes down the pipe. A number of people talked about how much better they were feeling on a wheat free diet. At first I thought, “nonsense, how can wheat be bad for you.” It turns out that unsprouted wheat that is processed may be the very worst thing in your diet behind high fructose corn syrup. Wheat has components called Lectins and Gliadins that damage the gut. Put together in a kids cereal or a donut and you spell, attention deficit disorder and chronic inflammation. Show me an ADD child with Asthma and I’ll show you a kid eating Captain Krunch and fruit loops. The wheat aggravates what is called Leaky Gut Syndrome (see link below).
Many new diets want you to eat more fiber, more good fats and good proteins. The grains are not even part of these diets unless they are sprouted. Protecting the intestines, protects the liver. Fats and proteins are protective while fructose and grains can be destructive. Fructose and bacteria then get in a persons bloodstream and then cause the liver to get clogged up and turn into what is called a “fatty liver”. Next thing you know you have high cholesterol, food allergies, arthritis, asthma, and early dementia all with roots in a malfunctioning liver and intestine.

We have lots of defenses in the intestines and many proteins that battle too many bacteria and things to keep the intestinal wall intact. An earlier blog on alcohol and how it can damage two intestinal proteins is all part of this same pathway. I continue to tell anyone who will listen you can eat yourself to good health. No sense in allowing such a downward spiral of health that is actually very explainable and preventable.

Fructose clogs up your liver

Researchers finally figured out why drinking all those sodas can lead to health consequences and diabetes. Fructose is supposed to be handled in the small intestine and broken down carefully. It is not supposed to go to the liver. Taking in large quantities, think Big Gulp Coke with a donut causes a spillover of fructose. The liver turns the fructose into fat and a fatty liver is started causing all kinds of trouble with things like cholesterol, sugar levels, inflammatory compounds floating around in your blood. The fact remains, “Fructose is detrimental to your health.”

The following article in the economist illustrates the point and is plenty more detailed than this post.  Cut and paste into your browser.

No one says it’s easy to lose weight but starting with eliminating Fructose from your diet is a great place to start.  Lower carbs,  more good fats and proteins and plenty of fiber.

Full Chiropractic Height

After Chiropractic care many times people say, “you look taller.”  Well, there is some truth to that.  It seems like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and it weighs you down.  The neck goes forward, the shoulders get rounded and suddenly you are not standing up straight.  I recently had a great adjustment by my Colleague Steve Berman D.C. in Austin.  I felt taller and he announced, “you have reached your Full Chiropractic Height.”  It is clear most of us do not exercise or stretch enough.  On top of that many of us are not getting enough Chiropractic care.  Chiropractors in general encourage healthy habits including a good diet,  vitamins,  enough rest.  exercise and regular Chiropractic care.   When you see the Slumpys of the world carrying their poor posture for all to see, you know they are not at their Full Chiropractic Height.

Snake venom is not for Snake oil salesman

I came across a very interesting article on venom and the many uses in medicine. They talked about snakes, black widows, vipers, tarantulas, scopion and Gila Monsters. All of these can give you nightmares but they might drop your blood pressure or change how cancer is fought. The Wall Street Journal article can be seen at the following web address.

The fascinating idea is how we are still in this modern world Bioprospecting for substances to help of fight disease and live longer. Many of today’s Diabetes medicine came from venom of the Gila Monster. Even in ancient Greece, China and Egypt snake venom was used to make an ointment to lesson the effects of Gout. It is truly a shame to see the rain forests, (18 million acres a year), being burned to run more cattle in places like Brazil, Venezuela or Colombia because we may be killing off some very valuable plants or animals than can never come back. It almost seems like everything has its place and it’s benefits. I’ll just keep those snakes and spiders in the lab though.

Too much Booze and Cirrhosis

Some very interesting research that came out that is just a new way at looking at what alcohol does to us. Everyone knows too much booze is really bad for you and it leads to Cirrhosis of the liver. El Barracho does not live too long. What is surprising is that most people assumed that it was the alcohol directly damaging the liver which is wrong. It turns out that the alcohol damages two proteins in the intestines that keep our flora, or intestinal bacteria, in line and stop them from having a wild growth, kind of like an algea bloom. When the bacteria get too high, they get into the bloodstream and then clog up the liver. When the White Blood cells go in to clean up they cause inflammation and then scar tissue which is followed by fat and like magic, you have Cirrhosis.

Perhaps we could just take more of the two proteins called REG3B lectin and REG3G lectin if you knew you were really going to drink too much. Until then, you can toast to your future, but maybe just one or two.

Circadian rhythms and flashing lights

Amazing how science keeps finding out things but if you have ever had jet lag you would want to do whatever you can to help this problem.  Seems like it takes one day to adjust for one hour.  So when an El Pasoan goes to Europe,  it is like 8 hours different.  You are ready to come home by the time the jet lag wears off.

Seems like flashing light when you are sleeping at the end of your sleep cycle can help move this two hours.  It may even work early in the sleep cycle to move the clock backward and can help the teenager that wants to stay up till 2 in the morning.  It seems our clock is closer to 25 hours but the day is only 24.  I suspect the moon is involved somehow.